Prepaid Card

Applying for a NIBank® prepaid card without being a customer is not infidelity to your bank, it is having the best without contracts or ties. Prepaid cards allow you to carry cash and spend anywhere credit or debit cards are accepted. Also you do not need to have a bank account.

Payroll: Earn the heart and loyalty of your workers by paying them through a prepaid card. The employer establishes it directly or indirectly and can transfer electronic funds from wages, salaries and labor compensation (as well as commissions).

 Benefits for the cardholder:
– No bank account required
  Immediate availability of funds
– No checks or deposits
– Easy to process
– More than cash
– Easy access to accounts with online banking
– Additional cards for family members through transfers
– Allows online purchases

 Benefits for the employer:
– Reduce check preparation and cash handling costs
– Detailed account statistics
– Easy to implement
– Added value for employee

Corporate Incentive Program: How to reward the efforts of your best employees? With the prepaid card you can give them a bonus or incentive that will bring productivity to the sky.

Government Disbursement Program: The prepaid card also translates into less bureaucracy and happier citizens, because with it governments can make payments such as Social Security, disability payments, in cases of disasters, food stamps or government payments.

Gift Cards: Don’t risk buying a gift, if you are unsure they will like it, giving a prepaid card is giving the greatest gift.