Global Solution

Paris, New York, Hong Kong, you decide where you expand your business and we help you achieve it with effective payment solutions that allow you to operate anywhere in the world and in multiple currencies.

NIBANK as MasterCard members in LATAM, we provide Bank Identification Number (BIN) and sponsor a number of prepaid card programs in multiple currencies.

The BIN sponsorship allows companies and program managers a connection compatible with MasterCard payment schemes for processing transactions and clearing the funds of cardholders.

Reliable technology:

We have the latest technology to guarantee the continuous and effective operation of our services anywhere in the world

Payment Media Specialists:

We offer you what no one else can because the solutions are made just to fit your requirements and we operate in multiple currencies anywhere in the world.

Electronic banking:

Time is money and at NIBank® we will never make you lose it, so we have our electronic banking service to perform any operation or consultation at any time, every day of the week.