MasterCard Gold

When the limit is the sky surround yourself with allies that open doors to where you go, that’s why NIBank® is Principal Member of MasterCard® the world leader in credit and payment cards, accepted in more than 35 million establishments and ATMs in 210 countries.

We give you the power and the freedom to choose with NIBank® credit cards. You decide what you want and the NIB MasterCard Gold makes it true, because it adapts to your requirements and needs anywhere in the world.


World Acceptance
You can make total or partial payment of the amount owed.
Have the instant credit line.
You can have up to 20% of your credit line for cash withdrawals.
Revolving credit 36 ​​months.
Best Interest Rate 12% per year.
MasterCard®Global Service
 Domicile full payment or minimum payment of the debt of the credit card.