Payment Methods

North International Bank is a Financial Institution designated by MasterCard Worldwide as Principal Member for Latin America and the Caribbean, which is developing payment programs in more than 10 countries in the region and with the ability to issue cards in any currency of free Convertibility, including dollars and euros.

Our associated technological platform annually processes 6 billon transactions around the world, providing support via our M24/7 (Multilingual 24/7) Customer Service System.
North international bank clients include individual persons, regulated financial institutions, financial service companies, mobile banking operators, small, medium and large companies, and government institutions.

Among the advantages designed for our customers there can be found:

  • Provide made-to-measure solutions for our clients
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Low entry fees
  • Scaled solutions (country/currency) according to growth
  • Systems provided for risk and fraud prevention
  • Issue in any currency of free convertibility
  • Broadcast in any country in the world
  • Global Acceptance