Regulatory Authority

Antigua and Barbuda

NIBank® is registered in Antigua and Barbuda, an island to the east of the Caribbean Sea that is backed by the British Crown as part of the Commonwealth, an advantage we use in your favor to offer you competitive advantages as an international bank.

NIBank® is regulated and overseen by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC). Through the IBC ACT (International Business Corporation Act), the FSRC exercises strong control and supervision over financial entities registered in Antigua & Barbuda, constantly renewing and modernizing its supervisory systems including the training of financial auditors, which has earned it The recognition of international bodies.

During 2010, the Office of National Drug Control and Money Laundering Policy (ONDCP), in conjunction with the FSRC, has established current guidelines  in the Money Laundering Guidelines, as fundamental rules of correct banking operations, highlighting the banking reputation within the jurisdiction of Antigua & Barbuda.